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Getting to the C-Suite – Elicia Pegues Spearman

Elicia Pegues Spearman is an expert at crisis management, strategic human capital and workforce planning, board governance, diversity and so much more. Spearman gave a speech titled ‘Getting to the C-Suite” at an event conducted by the Corporate Counsel Women of Color in 2019.

Elicia serves in a unique dual C-Suite executive role as the General Counsel and Vice President of Human Resources at Quinnipiac University.  Although onboarded remotely during the beginning of the pandemic, Elicia jumped right in and created a Return to Campus plan that focused on safety and protocol rules that required dedensification in order to keep employees safe. She is also the liaison to the Board of Trustee’s Nominating & Governance Committee.  Since onboarding in April 2020 she has attended and presented at Board of Trustee and Nominating & Governance Committee meetings and facilitated By-Law changes.  

Hence, with her extensive experience in the matter, her speech was informative, interesting and gripping.

Watch the speech below.

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