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D-I-Y program to build your personal brand and create your online presence

Signitt MasterClass is a self-paced program designed to help individuals build a strong personal brand and establish a compelling online presence. This program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to stand out, connect with your audience, and enhance your professional identity.


Module 1:
Online Presence Assessment
Evaluate and optimize your online presence for career success
Module 2:
Defining Your Identity
Craft a unique identity aligned with your professional goals
Module 3:
Key Differentiators and Positioning
Define your unique selling points and create impactful positioning statements. 
Module 4:

Effective Communication

Select relevant topics, source articles, write lead-ins, and publish on platforms like Medium.
Module 5:
Signitt Branding Page Creation
Guidance on setting up your Signitt Personal Branding page for an enhanced professional presence.

What our Masterclass students are saying

"This is amazing, I just began and I kept thinking 'is all of this about myself?' How can we women not see our achievements and our careers with the care they deserve, right?"

"Thank you so much for your support! This is an incredible opportunity for me and I am feeling blessed to meet professionals on my way. Your masterclass gives me so much inspiration and advice."

"The masterclass is comprehensive, expert-led guidance on creating a powerful personal brand. It was an invaluable investment as a professional trying to stand out in the industry."

"I've gone through all the modules of the Masterclass, superb! A phenomenal training."


Begin Signitt Masterclass

Office Hours with Signitt Success Manager

Reserve a slot with our Signitt Success Manager to talk about any obstacles you face with Masterclass. Get personalized guidance and insights from an expert. We're here to support you and look forward to meeting you, even if it is virtually!

What is included in your Masterclass

5 Comprehensive Modules
with worksheets

Each module is an interactive learning experience with video tutorials and accompanying worksheets.

Virtual Office Hours every Friday

Get personalized guidance and insights from an expert. Every Friday from 2pm-4pm. Contact us at

DIY Signitt Setup & Two Months Subscription

Designed to support you in managing your online presence efficiently.

We are excited to support you throughout this journey and look forward to helping you achieve your next professional goals by building and maintaining your personal brand and online presence.

Enjoy the Masterclass! 

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