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Turbulent Times in Transformation – Julie Roehm

Through my professional journey, I’ve had the chance to make significant contributions to renowned companies such as Ford, Chrysler, Walmart, and Party City. Along this journey, my work consistently highlights my steadfast commitment and proficiency in the ever-evolving field of digital transformation.

I was recently a part of a fireside chat with GDS, where we covered various topics like digital transformation and retail.

“You only fail if you set yourself up for failure.“There are many macroeconomic events working against transformation. It is very common for companies who are feeling the pressure to then hold back on projects.“In transformations, even in downtime, these quick wins can really be great for a company, they can give a feeling of satisfaction because, in terms of quarterly reports, it shows that you’re making progress.Transformations, while challenging and while you may have to pivot, you may have to slow down certain exercises, I would suggest that there’s an opportunity within those pieces of transformation to go really all in because it can actually create results and give confidence internally and to customers about the path you’re taking.”

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Julie Roehm is an innovative customer-centric marketer known for strategizing profitable corporate turnarounds with fast revenue growth via capturing stories that resonate with clients. She was named “Marketer of Year” by BrandWeek, Brand Innovators ‘Top 50 Women in Brand Marketing’, the Tri-State Diversity Council’s “Most Powerful and Influential Woman,” an Automotive News “Marketing All-Star” and one of Working Mother’s “Top 25 Women”. She’s at the forefront of new marketing ideas, and being result-oriented, she uses her vast marketing experience in all facets of business strategy and marketing execution to help deliver the brand's message.

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