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Technology Investments – Derek Queisser de Stockalper

CityWire, Switzerland, published a piece called Faang, gaming and Facebook’s Libra: WMs talk tech stocks in 2019. They asked five investment professionals for their takes on tech stocks in the run up to the winter gift-giving season.

Derek Queisser de Stockalper — author, trusted advisor, innovative thinker, and Founder and Managing Partner at Queisser & Cie. – was featured in the article.

You can read the original article here or read Derek’s insights below:

“Technology investments have become challenging for different reasons.

Firstly, we are in the midst of rapid technological and regulatory changes that could materially impact the economic performance – and, most importantly, the perception of future success – for certain technology stocks.

Secondly, the development cycle of certain technology players has evolved materially. In a low-yield environment, capital is chasing returns. This has allowed many technology companies to remain private for a much longer period of time, thus delaying their IPOs. As a result, value creation has mostly been harnessed in the private stage rather than in the public stage of the company’s development cycle.

We have adjusted to this by developing proprietary investment themes to identify early novel consumer and value chain digital structural needs, with a key focus on social and environmental opportunities, as well as focusing our illiquid portfolio on earlier and mid-stage private investment opportunities.”

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