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Life Science Bio Entrepreneurship Seminar Series – Lorraine Marchand

As moderator of the Columbia University Precision Medicine Life Sciences Seminar Series on Bioentrepreneurship, I interviewed Richard Scheller PhD, Chief Science Officer and Head of Theraepeutics at 23andMe.  In a fascinating discussion about a topic central to precision medicine, we examined the scientific and clinical basis of 23andMe and its consumer genetic test.   Dr. Scheller described the company’s business model, including the applications of the genetic data set to drug discovery and development.   He shared the company’s vision to amass the largest global genetic dataset and the implications for population health and therapy development.    

Lorraine Marchand - Life Sciences Market Maker

Lorraine Marchand – Life Sciences Market Maker

Dr. Scheller also shared his personal background and career path and offered advice to aspiring physician scientist entrepreneursh. 

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