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Customer Experience is key – Julie Roehm

I am in conversation with Julie Roehm – a successful entrepreneur, marketer and storyteller. Currently Julie is the Chief Experience Officer at Party City and I am excited to learn more about her new role. 

“Julie, looking at your diverse background, what will you bring to Party City? What new ingredient do you add to the mix?”

“People often ask me if I have a lot of retail background. Yes, I do. But my experience in the automotive industry has taught me a lot as well. It has a strong retail component along with a strong OEM component. At Party City we make 80% of our products, so we have that same combination.

“Technology is a big part of my background as well, and retail is clearly going down that track nowadays. Retail today is digital, the first brand that comes to mind is Amazon. 

“So when I think about these different pieces of my background and what I can contribute to Party City – it’s the amalgamation of the totality of my experience. I want to be able to put the customer first. 

“I am honored to be the first Chief Experience Officer of Party City.  I was offered the role because they know the employee AND customer experience is key to our success. If I can combine my experience in retail, OEM, consulting and technology with a customer-first mindset and work across the organization to create experiences directed at inspiring and creating joy for the employee and the customer – I think that would be a winning formula. That’s what I strive to bring to Party City.”

Thank you for sharing these insights with me Julie, it was a pleasure. 

Stay tuned for more!

Customer Experience – Julie Roehm – PartyCity

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