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The                               Network

Deborah Deb Elam - Corporate Playbook.png
Dawn Hudson - Pepsi - NFL - Speaker - Signitt.png
Desander Mas - SMLR.png
Damla Zeybel - ARYA effective.png
Cordelia Henry Pearl Essence.jpeg
Crystal Ashby - Signitt.png
Chantalle Couba.png
Blair Trippe.png
Ashley Johnson.png
Clemente Reyes Retana.png
Katy Hollister.png
Tonie Leatherberry.png
Kristin Colbert-Baker.png
Carrie Blair- HR and Business Strategist - Signitt - .png
Doris P. Meister - Signitt -.png
Carol Schleif.png
Dimitra Manis -.png
Duane L. Hughes - Signitt.png
Nicole Sandford.png
Sandy McCarthy - Signitt -.png
Sandy Pundmann.png
Joan Z Mohammed - Signitt - .png
Leslie Motter - Positive Impact Driver - Signitt - Make a Wish -.png


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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