Anouk Pappers - Brand Anthropologist Sig
Anouk Pappers - Brand Anthropologist Sig

Does your current online image support you to achieve

your next goal?

Signitt is a division of CoolBrands People Inc.

Let's strengthen your online presence

1. We create your Signitt  dashboard - 'You at a Glance'

2. We create and publish relevant content for you

3. We make sure that when people Google you, 

you are positioned to achieve your next goal

Know - Like - Trust 

Result: more business opportunities


Achieve your goals

Whether you're looking for advancement on your current career track, a career shift, new clients, investors, partners, or a board seat, an incomplete online image under-sells you and leads to missing out on crucial opportunities to achieve your next business goal. 

Read how others use Signitt, a strong online presence, to achieve their goals. 

What will your Signitt look like?   

Click below to see a few examples:

Jamie Covello - Signitt.png
Jennifer Hessel - Signitt.png



Creative Director 

The Signitt methodology of personal branding and publishing, 

works almost as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By stating and publishing my mission and vision, I pushed myself to greater awareness and bold actions.


Independent Board Director

After my longstanding career in the financial world, I was ready for something new.
I want to put my experience to use as a non-executive board director.
By working with Signitt, I improved my online presence.

Now, when people google me I’m confident they will find my mission, vision and contribution to society.

LKS -.png

Advocate for STEM literacy

I realized I needed a strong online presence in order to reach my professional and my personal goals.


That’s when I started working with Signitt.
We’re creating content and publishing online what I want people to know about me... before they meet me.

  How to get started? 

1. Get your resume, preferably in pdf format 

2. Find or create a great picture - click here for some tips to create a great picture  

3. Fill in the intake form, after you've chosen which level of Signitt best fits your needs (see below)

What happens after I have filled in the intake form?


Once you've submitted your intake form (will take around 10 mins of your time), we'll share a mock-up with you so you can see what your Signitt will look like. When you approve the mock-up, we will proceed with developing your Signitt. 

When you're a company, organization, affiliate group, please contact us directly so we can create a plan that meets your needs.

See here which Signitt level best fits your needs:


Signitt is a complete service. The set up covers the full creation of your profile, the writing of your bio, and the preparation of your personal publishing ecosystem. 

The ongoing activities include activating your Signitt by regular publishing and seeding across multiple platforms to keep you relevant and continue to expand your online presence. 

Set-up fee $500

Quarterly fee $450

Take me to the intake form

Or send us an email


Signitt Foundation is a perfect tool for graduating students to create a strong online presence. Low entry, virtually guided, almost DIY.

It's also a great starting point for people who want to lay the first stone in building their online presence foundation. 

To get started and sign up, go to the intake form. 

Set-up fee $180
Quarterly fee $225

Take me to the intake form

Or send us an email



We offer Premium Services, starting with Personal Branding Strategy. One of our branding experts will help you crystallize your next goal, articulate your personal brand and define your positioning. We also support you in writing short interviews, intros to articles, podcasts, video scripting and editing, and more.

Services and pricing upon request. 


Please send us an email, and we'll connect asap.

*By signing up to Signitt, you agree to the terms and conditions

Still have questions?

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