You are being googled... 

Does your current online image support you to achieve

your next goal?

Signitt is a division of CoolBrands People Inc.

Whether you're looking for advancement on your current career track, a career shift, new clients, investors, partners, or a board seat, an incomplete online image under-sells you and leads to missing out on crucial opportunities to achieve your next business goal. 

3 steps to strengthen your online presence


1. Personal Branding Strategy

Define your 'why', what you stand for & your 'key differentiators'.
Book your Personal Branding Strategy session with one of our experts and be guided through the process.

2. Content Creation

Need help with creating content? We can interview you, write articles for you, create video content to position you in the right way.

3. Online Publishing and Personal SEO 

Once you have your personal brand, and the content to support your brand, where do you publish it? And how do you manage to control your online presence?

We provide you with our publication ecosystem based on open platforms like Medium, WordPress, Scribd, Youtube, and more.

What will your personal branding page look like?   

Click below to see a few examples:

Jamie Covello - Signitt.png
Natalie Nixon.png
Jennifer Hessel - Signitt.png



Creative Director 

The Signitt methodology of personal branding and publishing, 

works almost as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By stating and publishing my mission and vision, I pushed myself to greater awareness and bold actions.


Independent Board Director

After my longstanding career in the financial world, I was ready for something new.
I want to put my experience to use as a non-executive board director.
By working with Signitt, I improved my online presence.

Now, when people google me I’m confident they will find my mission, vision and contribution to society.

LKS -.png

Advocate for STEM literacy

I realized I needed a strong online presence in order to reach my professional and my personal goals.


That’s when I started working with Signitt.
We’re creating content and publishing online what I want people to know about me... before they meet me.

  How to get started? 

1. Connect with us and schedule an intake session

2. Send us your resume and the link to your LinkedIn 

3. We will do an online presence assessment 

4. In our first session we will find your 'why' - what you stand for & your 'key differentiators'