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"Diversity is a measure...
Inclusion is a skill"

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Smart Recruiting is a Two-Way Street
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Over the years, I have learned that finding the best talent requires an out of the box approach. Surprising my clients with people and possibilities they never previously considered; helping them look for solutions through a different lens — this is what makes me tick and keeps me energized.

My Mission: 

Empowering women in leadership: Companies are looking to include more high-performing women in their leadership ranks, for a variety of reasons. However, many CEOs struggle to find and successfully integrate these female superstars. It's my mission to both ensure the best culture matches and to empower women to succeed at higher levels, including succession to the Executive Committee and Boardroom.  

Solving the War for Talent: There is still a war for talent. To stand out and win the battle, CEOs and their teams need to share their long-term company vision and articulate how the talent will be part of realizing that vision. 

When we recruit superstars, we begin by articulating the company's vision. Then we find the game-changing talent whose interests are aligned with the company's vision. Our placements transform businesses and inspire the teams they lead. 


I founded TKJ Executive Search in early 2004 to create stronger leadership teams through Executive Search and Leadership Consulting.


Previously, I was a Director with Spencer Stuart and have worked in a variety of corporate and government settings, including American Express, The Danbury Mint, and The First Boston Corporation. 


I earned my MBA from Harvard Business School and my BA, Political Science from Vassar College.

Member of the Women Presidents Organization

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I’ve spoken with thousands of business leaders over the past 20 years, and it’s abundantly clear that making a bad hire is highly disruptive to an organization. The cost can be huge in terms of lost productivity, wasted training, and cultural instability.