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Susan Forward Emotional Blackmail Pdf Download Zip




Emotional blackmail, is a form of manipulation. You’re out of the car and I’m taking a walk. “Intellectual independence is the ability to form and maintain your own opinions about what is important or not.” This quotation is from a magazine article by Susanne Neiman about emotional blackmail in society. I would like to continue with a few other quotes which are relevant to Susanne’s points. In the next section I will be talking about the actual term ‘emotional blackmail’. Some phrases that are included in this term are: “bullying the truth out of you”, “putting words in your mouth”, “manipulating you”, “blowing your mind away”. In this term ‘emotional blackmail’ we can see the definition given is quite clear. What is the main feature of the term? It is the kind of behaviour or attitude which is motivated by the desire to gain some advantage for oneself. For example, a parent can do this because they want to get some good thing, like an agreement from the child to do something. On the other hand, a non-parent could also do this behaviour. It is more likely that parents do it more than other people. In the last section we will be talking about what I believe is emotional blackmail. Susanne Neiman describes emotional blackmail in two ways: “Emotional blackmail is a form of bullying the truth out of you” and “Emotional blackmail is the manipulation of you by putting words in your mouth” (No. 103). I believe that Susanne is right. I think that bullying is more useful as a name for emotional blackmail. I think that ‘bullying’ is a more appropriate term to use because, in bullying, the bully does not make the victim do something, but makes them feel bad. I think that Susanne’s definition is very useful as a definition of emotional blackmail. Susanne Neiman’s examples of emotional blackmail are: the mother who threatens to stop accepting an allowance of $100 from her child; the child who threatens to leave home unless her mother stops drinking. She gives two examples for bullying the truth out of you and putting words in your mouth. I believe that Susanne’s definition is very useful for these two examples. In this definition we see two elements: (1) the emotional blackmailer wants to gain some advantage for





Susan Forward Emotional Blackmail Pdf Download Zip

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