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What it means to be a bold leader - Larry Quinlan

Updated: Sep 1

What are the characteristics of a bold transformational leader?

“The whole notion of a bold transformational leader is an interesting one. I think there are different dynamics to it. A leader can only be bold if they operate from a strong foundation. Building that strong foundation takes a lot of hard work, things you wouldn’t typically consider bold. A bold leader is not afraid to do what’s right, they synthesize information from lots of people instead of simply assuming that they know everything. Synthesizing information helps unravel those key things which we have to keep up with in terms of what’s going on in the world.”

What are the biggest challenges a CIO faces today?

“A CIO faces a multitude of challenges when operating in a large global organization. Diversity of approach is so important — we have businesses in New York, but also in Pakistan and Mongolia. The needs of each of these locations are very distinct and must be paid attention to.

“Further, a bold leader surrounds themselves with individuals who are able to execute and bring new ideas to the table. This way, they are never the only bold person in the room.”

Larry Quinlan has 35+ years of experience creating value through inspired, strategic leadership. He is a digital and technology transformation expert with deep experience in complex enterprise systems integrations, cybersecurity, organizational design, and global shared services models. He is sought-after for his understanding of strategic impacts of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud, mobility, blockchain, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies.

As Global Chief Information Officer for Deloitte, the $45B professional services firm, Larry is responsible for all facets of technology strategy and operations, overseeing over 10,000 IT professionals in 175 countries. He leads Deloitte’s global implementations of ERP & CRM systems including some of the world’s largest SAP and Salesforce platforms leveraging data analytics, cloud hosting, and collaboration technologies from AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and ServiceNow. He drives the development of custom technology platforms critical to Deloitte’s profitability.

Larry and his team also successfully executed a post-merger technology integration for dozens of Deloitte’s strategic acquisitions. He works directly with the firm’s Global Board of Directors as leader of its technology and global cybersecurity defense program, a multi-year, $650M+ effort.

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