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Using Technology to Transform – Julie Roehm

The term ‘contactless shopping” has been making waves in the retail industry, and for good reason. COVID-19 is still making rounds around the world, which is why safe and contactless shopping is in high demand.

Julie Roehm, the Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at Party City, talks to us about how Party City is using technology to transform the customer experience in this “new normal.”

Julie, people want to celebrate happy occasions now more than ever! But, also now more than ever, people need extra guidance to navigate a novel challenge – social distancing. How is Party City using technological platforms to transform the customer experience?

“This pandemic has definitely presented its share of challenges to the retail environment. But, as I have said before, we want to thrive during this critical time, not merely survive it. And as we embark upon our biggest season of the year, Halloween, we want our efforts and sensitivity to be on full display because in addition to making the shopping experience easy, we want to make it safe. That means PPE, sanitization, and more contactless shopping options.

“Our research partner, SMG, shared results from a survey that concluded in August amongst retail shoppers. Their findings illustrate the importance of my point. This first slide shows the importance of sanitization and safety in the brick and mortar retail environment. This second slide clearly outlines the consumer demand for contactless shopping options wherever possible.

Slide 1

Slide 2

“To that end, we have already implemented curbside and same-day-delivery in our stores – and this latter service is key as anyone who has tried to stuff balloons into their car will tell you! – and we are shipping from our warehouse as well as from our stores – buy online, ship from store. Inside the store, we are testing contactless shopping technologies as well as other virtual shopping experiences, whether in-store or online.”

Thank you for sharing, Julie.

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