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The Corona virus panic – Cleve Langton

Whether real or overblown… highlights two things that have immediate professional personal relevance.  The first is that people flock to online to better understand the breadth and depth of the issue or opportunity. They are looking for all perspectives to allow them to form their own point of view and then take action. The second is that today’s environment makes it crystal clear that, professionally and personally, you have to plan for disruption. What appears stable — isn’t.  What appears “projectable” is based on a number of “if/then” hypothesis that quickly become invalid.  The Corona virus will change working environments, supply and revenue projections, hiring and retention plans, etc. A lot of things will go on hold and ones that can’t be differed will simply be cancelled.  Today it was announced that the Geneva Motor show has been cancelled. Events are clear targets but so too is everything that is based on supply chains, travel, hospitality, to name just a few. The clear direction is that the ability to morph has never been more important. Equally as important as the actual ability is the perceived ability to adapt and master new tasks and professions. . Don’t assume employers or investors will take the leap of faith.  What you didn’t publish, didn’t happen. The skill set that you don’t mention and support is your best kept secret.  Cleve Langton – Chief Partnership Officer, Brodeur Partners

Cleve Langton

Cleve Langton

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