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Marketing the Right Way – Unclutter your Brands Message – Ashley Johnson

Good marketing is arguably the most important thing when it comes to ensuring the success of your business. Ashley Johnson – communication artist, provides her clients with a holistic view in order to drive positive and sustainable solutions. Ashley works toward humanizing for success by looking at things with a fresh perspective.

We are in an ongoing conversation with Ashley, to learn more about her professional experiences and views on the dynamic industry she is a part of.

Read part 4 of the conversation below.

Brands not only need to focus on who they are but more importantly, how they differ from competitors and create remarkable experiences for their customers. Tell me more about how you help organizations get ‘unstuck’ and build momentum?

“Communicating clearly and authentically about why you do what you do, the passion behind the creation of your services and the stories of transformation that comes with it, is the best way for a company to stand out as unique.

“It can be easy to get bogged down in trying to explain and sell all the products you have, to overthink things or to get complacent with something that works. When you get away from your core connection and communication, it’s easy to get stuck.

“To offer greater innovation, I strive to look at things creatively. This involves looking at better ways to connect, simplifying or uncluttering a company’s message, or seeing things as an artist does. As artist you are constantly using analysis, critical-thinking, and using these to effectively communicate your creative efforts for emotional impact and greater connection to your constituents. Approaching the way you communicate, hone in on the core of who you are as a business, within the lens of an artist, allows me to help companies to see themselves with fresh eyes and explore new possibilities. They can begin to use content and connect in a new way and that helps to build momentum for the next steps of a project or program. I love finding a way to help growth in that way.”

Your methods sound interesting. Thanks, Ashley.

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