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If You’re Silent, You’re Complicit – Karen Boykin-Towns in conversation with PReci

Karen Boykin-Towns is a results driven leader and agent of change. Karen was invited to speak at a virtual panel discussion held by PRecise Communications. The discussion was titled Culture and Convos- Maximizing Black Voices & Brand Power for Social Change, and encompassed topics like racism in America, equality, the recent protests and so on. Karen spoke alongside Hill Harper – renowned actor, author and activist.

Karen has had extensive experience in PR, strategic planning and outreach – which have allowed her a knack for connecting with people. With a unique perspective, leading businesses and civic organizations, Karen has been able to bridge communications gaps and has brought people together on common ground.

In this section of the conversation, Karen talks about how in this moment in history, companies must speak up and take action.

Watch part of the panel discussion here, or read an excerpt below.

“If you’re silent because you are silent doing the work, and trying to get things done – that’s great. But I think that this is a time where companies will be judged by what they do, or by what they don’t do. This is not a time for companies to sit back hoping that this will pass over, or sit back because they aren’t sure of what to do. They shouldn’t be paralyzed through analysis of not wanting to mess up and then not doing anything because of that. This is a moment where if you’re silent, you’re complicit. I think that I’m encouraged by the number of companies that have spoken out but that are also leaning in. Certainly, we know that is because of what has happened and we have to keep the pressure on – we have to hold them accountable.

“For companies who had made statements in let’s say October, we should be questioning whether or not they took action. We should ask these companies, ‘you said in October that you were giving 100 million dollars to organizations, who did you give it to? You said you were going to do an assessment amongst your C-suite executives and implement programs to accelerate the development of your Black and brown talent. What is that looking like?’

“We have to keep the pressure on. If we back up, they will back up.”

Read part 1 of this panel – What Does This Moment in Time Mean for America?

Read part 2 of this panel – Keeping it One Hundred

Read more from Karen.

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