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Global efforts for Delivering Patient Therapies – Michael Van Zandt

Creating value in the health care space should benefit patients, physicians, and employees. The goal should always be to improve patient quality of life while contributing to the community in which one operates a going concern.

I was featured in the Irish Examiner discussing the decision to establish a research, manufacturing and distribution centre in Ireland.

“Michael D Van Zandt, president and chief executive of USCI Japan, said: ‘Our primary goal in establishing this centre is to take advantage of the unique opportunity of directly linking the medical technology expertise of the west of Ireland with Japan, the most demanding and most sought-after market for the medical technology industry globally.

“’Having researched a number of potential locations around the world for this investment we decided on Ireland.

“’Ballinasloe stood out as the ideal choice due to the availability of the highly skilled workforce and management, the extensive medical technology expertise in the area, and the business-friendly environment.

“’Thanks to the Ballinasloe location, we have been able to attract an extremely talented Irish management team, and look forward to the ongoing recruitment of equally talented people in line with our business plan,’ he said.”

Click here to read the original article.

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