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Facing the Giant – Joyce Avedisian

I wrote a piece on leadership amongst a crisis. Crises either break or make you and your business. You must face the Giant head-on. Todays Giant is of course, the ever- evolving pandemic.

Read below a portion of my thought piece.

“Your immediate challenge is to answer the question, ‘What will my company look like in 60 days and what must I do to quickly rebound?’

“The best leaders confront Giants head on, believing in, and focusing on, a solution greater than the Giant. Recall the story of David and Goliath. Everyone in the Israeli army feared Goliath and retreated, except David. Why? Because David believed God was in control, and the Giant didn’t stand a chance against God. He was living his values and ultimately transformed a nation. What can you do to lead like David in a crisis?

“The best leaders believe that adversity can be transformed into opportunity, and even a competitive advantage. They have an overriding mission – putting the well-being of their people first. They don’t withdraw, they visibly show up with genuine compassion. They realistically assess the danger, yet rise above the circumstances, inspiring hope and a sense of security.”


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