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Alexandra Morehouse

Highly Effective Transformation Strategist

A mission-driven collaborator and experienced board member, I bring my digital transformation experience and strategic focus to every board assignment. My passion for ESG and risk management drives my approach toward business and allows me to implement strategies that allow organizations to thrive in the future. Having a demonstrated track record of strategic reinvention, digital transformation, and revenue growth – my deepest expertise lies in cybersecurity, digital technology, and brand marketing.

My board committee assignments, both domestic and international, include compensation, governance, and audit, and I chair the strategy committee for one of the boards on which I serve. My national leadership in DEI has been instrumental in pursuing ESG work on my boards.

ESG and Risk Management Influencer As an ESG and risk management influencer, I am able to turn fear into opportunity, and risks into rewards. In terms of leadership, I strive to create equitable corporate cultures that are highly engaging and centered around diversity. I’ve managed global teams of over 2,000 FTE and P&Ls up to $10B. I bring my global thinking and network into the boardroom, into my leadership style, and into my approach to risk management and ESG.

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