Jamie Covello

Real Estate Advocate – Adding value to partnerships
“You always know the right thing to do.
The important thing is doing it.”

25+ years

experience as a
Real Estate Steward

Adding value to Partnerships
You always know the right thing to do…

Adding value to partnerships

The Ultimate Steward throughout the real estate process
In conversation with Steve Francesco


I have been in the real estate business for most of my professional life and until today, I love the industry. I have had the opportunity to work with local, national and global corporate clients, navigating them through the complex world of real estate.  


Contracts, rules and regulations are so complex, you need a steward, a trusted advisor who can navigate the real estate world. 


Advocating for my clients is crucial to be able to create the best possible strategic solutions. 


I help companies create a real estate and occupancy plan in line with the future business goals of their organization. 


I joined Avison Young in 2017 is  because I was looking for a more entrepreneurial environment. It’s a principal-owned company. There are no fiefdoms and silos. If one of us succeeds, we all succeed as partners.


I build consultative partnerships with major corporations where I can solve problems from beginning to end. I create occupancy and financial solutions which add value to a company’s bottom line.


I’m rebuilding my client base with a focus on local business. I find the tech sector particularly exciting; they’re creative, agile, interesting and dynamic. I’m interested in helping them build while keeping them in the best financial status, by managing the occupancy costs.

Over the years I learned how to negotiate with some of the toughest, meanest negotiators in the city, and to strongly advocate for my clients (and for myself). I bring that experience to every new client.


I became a board member of the Women’s Campaign Fund years ago, because I strongly believe that we can run our country better if we use all the available talent, and not just half of it. So 50/50 by 2028 is something I stand for. 

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