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Insights from Leaders™ (IFL)

      Conversations with CEOs about their shared commitment to CSR and DEI.
About the project
An inclusive, socially-conscious, and responsible business is now critical to attracting and maintaining talented employees, new partners, and investors. CSR and DEI have become intrinsic parts of a company’s image. This is clear from the dramatic increase in the depth and breadth of company ESG reports and investor demands for accountability.
It is vitally important for the C-suite to articulate its vision for people, the planet, and profit. It’s invaluable, however, to show what action each leader at the helm of a company has taken in that regard, along with their impact strategy for accelerating future human capital equity.
Advocacy in action
As an outcome of the CEO interviews, key diverse talent as identified by the CEOs will be named in the IFL book and profiled online. The benefits of the protege listing create advocacy and profile high potential talent across the target audience mentioned above.


Why Insights From Leaders™
After all, actions speak louder than words. This project amplifies the efforts of senior leaders who exhibit inclusion and sponsorship in motion by identifying the top underrepresented talent they wish to highlight on a platform that showcases their abilities.

What makes IFL unique
IFL creates an opportunity to showcase a broader view of leading diverse talent. Many companies and leaders believe a dated adage that it is difficult to find leading diverse talent because the pool is small or even worse, that why do not readily exist. IFL
  1. Showcases leading diverse talent, advocated for by CEO endorsement,
  2. Highlights an online professional profile of the endorsed divers talent.

IFL benefits to sponsors
This is a proofpoint that there is a broader set of leading diverse talent than is currently highlighted, typically annually, by the limited set of lists and awards that names them IFL creates the opportunity for the CEO to define the story he/she tells about their individual and corporate commitment to inclusion-based change. This allows for a human lens, outside self-directed CSR, Annual and Transparency reports.
IFL allows the CEO and corporation to memorialize a point in time for the company, its leaders, and current and future talent around actions and commitments that is readily forgotten if just noted via social media.
As a team of social and cultural anthropologists, Insights From Leaders™ captures inspirational stories to share with the diverse and complex field of stakeholders, responsible companies must engage today. IFL also targets and inspires rising underrepresented students at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including those at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
Conversations with corporate executives about their commitment to CSR and DEI are gathered by IFL experts and published online, in written and video formats, including the use of interactive technologies. 

Target audience benefits
- Shareholders - proof point of commitment of the development of divers talent
- Future talent & board members - evidence of divers talent sponsorship and development
- Employees - linkage to employees’ affinity and belonging
- University career development officers - early talent attraction tool
- Influencers - insights in easy to share trends

Insights From Leaders™ provides corporate trailblazers a method to discuss their vision, share their CSR and DEI strategy, and show what they’ve accomplished to make it a reality.

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        Coffee Table Book

A selection of the best stories is published in a colorful coffee table book with a controlled circulation to an audience of influential peers. 

The book can also readily be made available to the companies' employees, recruits and other stakeholders.

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  Online Video Library

Each conversation is published as a compelling article or video on the Insights From Leaders platform, from which it is distributed to target audiences.

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Online book 

An interactive, online publication with the look and feel of a real,

page-turning publication. 
A controlled circulation within companies and HBCUs.

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Elite diverse talent

Share the book with student talent at HBCUs to amplify the brands of inclusive companies 

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality app

recognizes the photo in the book and plays the corresponding video

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