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A Roadmap to a Strong Personal Brand and Online Presence

by Anouk Pappers - Brand Anthropologist

We're excited that you've taken the first step towards enhancing your online image and personal brand by reading this guide.

Now, let's unlock its full potential.

Why book a consultation?

  • Define and refine your personal brand.

  • Identify key areas for improvement based on the principles outlined in the book.

  • Develop a strategic plan to enhance your online image and reach your professional goals.

What to expect?

  • A one-on-one 20-minute session with a branding expert.

  • Personalised advice on leveraging your online presence for greater visibility and opportunities.

  • Practical tips and strategies that align with your personal and professional objectives.

How to prepare?

  • Review the key takeaways from "You Are Who Google Says You Are."

  • Think about your current online presence and areas you wish to improve.

  • Be ready to discuss your personal and professional goals.


Words From our Clients

h-rez-fnl-marchand-013-800x1200 (1).jpg

"Signitt provided the framework to reflect the expansion of my innovation expertise in health care to a much larger playing field which includes being a board member and investor in addition to being an innovation thought leader.”


“There were several goals that I wanted to achieve. Because Signitt helped me achieve my objectives, I am well positioned at the table for potential engagements.”

Lloyd-Emerson-Johnson (1).png

"Our collaborative work enabled me to grow my professional network significantly, resulting in a more robust and productive online presence, and increased communications from peer directors, boards and organizations with related professional interests."

Lorraine Marchand

Former General Manager, IBM; Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies

Peter W. McCauley

Sr., Board Member, Corporate Medical Officer

Lloyd E. Johnson

Board Member, Global Managing Director

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