Signitt has been created by people

with knowledge and experience in

Branding, Storytelling and Anthropology.

Kristin Washington
Communication Advisor

Anouk Pappers

Brand Anthropologist

Ashley Johnson

Communications Artist

Maarten Schafer
Creative Director

Sophie Louise Feith
Software Engineer

Amira Eldessoky

Lifestyle Consultant

Leila E. Cole

Content Strategist

Aarushi Kapoor
Content Creator

The team behind Signitt has 20 years of experience in creating and "packaging" profiles for highly successful corporations and for C-Suite executives that are transitioning to a stage where broader market exposure is essential to ongoing success. Read more about Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schäfer.

We reinforced the online presence of over 800 people, by interviewing them and creating their stories. Here are some of the people we have interviewed.


The creation of our “Signitt” product came about from corporations and individuals realizing that a strong digital profile is the difference between propelling and impeding corporate and individual expansion.

Here are some cases